Are you about to graduate in civil engineering, environmental engineering, oceanography, geology, geography or environmental science?

This programme is currently closed for applications for 2020 entry.

Why study Engineering in the Coastal Environment?

There is an increasing demand for professionals with a detailed and multi-disciplinary perspective on coastal engineering and its role in coastal and environmental management. The approach to coastal management is changing rapidly, evident in the move to soft engineering and strategic shoreline management. There are long-term concerns on the impact of sea-level rise and increased storminess. This course addresses these concerns.

The MSc in Engineering in the Coastal Environment  (ECE) is jointly taught between two academic units (Civil Engineering and the Environment, and Ocean and Earth Science) and is designed to meet this demand. Students taking the degree will develop a systematic understanding and critical awareness of coastal issues in order to broaden and deepen their knowledge of the area. The overall goal is to train technically-oriented coastal practitioners whore are suitable for employment in coastal engineering, both in consultancies and relevant areas of government. 

This MSc forms an important element of the new Centre for Coastal Processes, Engineering and Management (CCPEM) which is developing and enhancing applied coastal research across the University, nationally and internationally. The link to CCPEM will enhance opportunities available both in terms of industrial involvement for subsequent career development. Knowledge will be consolidated through a research project (dissertation) conducted with a partner in industry or government. This element draws on the CCPEM’s network of contacts in coastal consultancy.

… then why not think about an

      MSc in Engineering in the Coastal Environment

Additional course details are available online:


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