Semester 1 – 2014/2015

Coastal Seminar Series, Semester 1, 2014-2015

Monday 21 October at 12.30

Building 34/3001

Prof. Efi Foufoula-Georgiou (University of Minnesota), “Dynamic connectivity as a metric for resilience in river network processes
Monday 4 November at 12.30

Building 67/1003

Dr. Paolo Cipollini (National Oceanography Centre), “Satellite altimetry in the coastal zone: past, present and future
Thursday 14 November at 15.30

Building 32/3077

Dr. Valentin Heller (Imperial College London), “A hybrid investigation of the effect of the water body geometry on landslide-tsunamis
Monday 18 November at 12.30

Building 34/2003

Dr. Andres Payo (University of Oxford), “Erosion and accretion along part of the Suffolk coast of East Anglia: a review of process understanding
Thursday 28 November at 15.30

Building 07/3023

Alanoud Al-Ragum (University of Southampton), “Sand transport in the Oka estuary (Urdaibai Biosphere Reserve, Spain)


Thursday 28 November at 18.00

Charnock Lecture Theatre, NOC

Prof. Richard Tol (University of Sussex), “Sea-level rise: impacts, adaptation and development
Thursday 12 December at 15.30

Building 06/1083

Katie Hey (HR Wallingford), “HR Wallingford’s Scour Research Programme

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