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Recirculating flume 



Sediment analysis lab
Sediment analysis lab; Laser particle Sizer

Sediment Dynamics Lab – (a) Settling column; (b) Lab Carousel

Experiments on Seagrass in the annular and recirculating flumes
Hydraulic Lab (wave tank) - Highfield
Hydraulic Lab (wave tank) – Highfield
Wave flume experiment - Highfield Campus
Wave flume experiment – Highfield Campus
Scour flume – unidirectional flow


Demonstration wave tank



We have three research vessel that are used by staff and students for a range of fieldwork and research. Our vessels include R.V. Callista, a 19.75m catamaran designed and equipped for a range of coastal and shelf research, and a 12m research vessel, R.V. Bill Conway, for use in local waters. Other nearshore work can be conducted from our RIB Ocean Adventure.

Conway_stern2.jpg_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_800_true SOES3524-new-logos.jpg_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_800_true Ocean_Adventure1.jpg_SIA - JPG - Fit to Width_800_true





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