Semester 1 – 2016/2017

Coastal Seminar Series, Semester 1, 2016-2017


Tuesday 04 Oct at 16.00 Building 06/1081 L/R B
Dr Yasha Hetzel (University of Western Australia), “Assessing the ability of storm surge models to include wave setup and coastal trapped waves around Australia”    –  Blog Here
Tuesday 25 Oct at 18.00 Building 07/3031 L/R F2 Prof. Ken Pye (Visiting Professor, Kenneth Pye Associates Ltd.): “Building with Nature: Creation, maintenance and management of beaches and dunes for multiple benefits – taking a long-term perspective” – Blog here
Tuesday 08 Nov. at 18.00 Building 07/3031  L/R F2   Dr Kwasi Appeaning-Addo (Visiting Scholar from University of Ghana): “Title: Shoreline morphological change in West Africa: Ghana’s experience”
Tuesday, 15 Nov at 16:00 Building 06/1081 L/R B Dr. Thomas Wahl (University of Southampton): “Understanding extreme sea levels for coastal risk and adaptation analysis”  – Blog here
Tuesday, 06 Dec at 16:00 (Building 06/1081 L/R B) Miss Jiayi Fang (Visiting PhD student from Beijing Normal University): “Risk assessment and scenario analysis of coastal flood in China”

If you have any questions or comments regarding the seminar series, please contact: Dr. Thomas Wahl ( or Dr. Abiy Kebede ( (Tel: 023 8059 4796 (External) / x24796 (Internal))