Coastal Seminars 2017 – Dr Matthew Wadey

The third seminar of this series will be given by

Dr Matthew Wadey (East Solent Coastal Partnership)

who will deliver an afternoon coastal seminar, with two short presentations on:

(1) “Extreme sea levels, waves and coastal flood events in the Solent” 

(2) Coastal landfill – erosion, flooding, legality and funding

WhenFriday, 09 March 2018, 4 pm – 5pm

Where: Building 27/2003 L/R 2 Highfield Campus




This presentation discusses two topics relevant to work which is currently being undertaken at the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP). The first talk is a brief review of recent storm-tide events in the ESCP area (Havant, Portsmouth, Gosport, and Fareham). These are placed into context using sea level and wave data. The next talk describes a project which is highlighting the legacy of coastal landfill. In the UK, there are thought to be around 1500 historic landfill sites at risk of coastal flooding and/or erosion, with some of these already impacting the marine environment. However, there is uncertainty over the scale of problem and potential liability. The ESCP are assessing these issues for the SCOPAC (‘Standing Conference of Problems Associated with the Coastline’) region along the English South Coast.


Matthew studied for a BSc Environmental Geoscience (University College London), and an MSc in Environmental Coastal Engineering (University of Southampton) then worked at the Channel Coastal Observatory. He completed a PhD at Southampton analysing coastal flooding in the Solent, and had a position as a geomorpholgist at the marine consultancy ABPmer. This was followed by two post-docs at the University of Southampton, researching various aspects of coastal flooding and adaptation. Matthew joined the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership in 2016 as a coastal engineer/project manager, working on coastal process-related research including beach management and contaminated land.