Coastal Seminar 2018/19 – Ms Lauren Burt

Speaker: Ms Lauren Burt

Title: Past, Present and Future Management of Hurst Spit

When: Friday, 07 December 2018, 16:00–17:00

Where: Building 05/2015 L/T H


As the newest recruit to New Forest District Council’s Coastal Team, Lauren will be focusing on the past, present and future management of Hurst Spit, a key site along our New Forest frontage that presents an interesting focus for coastal research and management.

This presentation begins with an overview of the last 30 years of management at Hurst Spit by New Forest District Council’s Coastal Team, including the major capital beach recharge scheme in 1996 and post-scheme beach management activities to date. Lauren will then introduce a range of ongoing research projects that she is currently working on in relation to Hurst Spit, including plans for the future management of the site.


Lauren Burt studied for a BSC in Geography (University of Exeter) before joining the Channel Coastal Observatory as a Coastal Process Scientist in 2012. Whilst at CCO, Lauren studied part time for an MSc in Engineering in the Coastal Environment (University of Southampton) and  joined New Forest District Council as a Graduate Coastal Engineer in 2017, working on a variety of coastal maintenance, capital and research projects. Lauren’s MSc dissertation entitled “Migration of Gravel Barriers over a Consolidating Substrate: Implications for Coastal Management” was awarded the HR Wallingford prize for best dissertation in 2017. Lauren is now working towards publishing this research under supervision of Professor Robert Nicholls and Dr Joel Smethurst at Southampton University.