Coastal Seminar Series – Dr John Hunter

John Hunter  (Antarctic Climate & Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre) will give a guest talk as part of the coastal seminar series at University of Southampton. John will be addressing the question:

“Are Tidal Predictions a Good Guide to Future Extremes?


The “Witness King Tides” (“WKT”) project originated in New South Wales, Australia, and is now internationally active in a number of regions ( WKT is a citizen-science project which aims to illustrate the impact of future sea-level rise by photographing potentially vulnerable coastlines at the time of highest astronomical tide each year. There are benefits and disbenefits of such an approach, one of the disbenefits being that the results may be so contaminated by storm surges that they bear little relation to what is likely to happen under sea-level rise. The viability of WKT is investigated using the GESLA-2 global high-resolution (i.e. with one hour of shorter sampling) tide-gauge database ( which, in this case, provided suitable sea-level data at 586 locations, which had at least 20 years of data. The results indicate regions of the world where WKT is an appropriate tool, and other regions where it quite definitely isn’t.

The Seminar will take place at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on Friday 21st July, at 11 am, in Node Room 064/03.