Coastal Seminar Series 2015 – Dr Alan Smith

Dr. Alan Smith (University of Southampton) will give a talk as part of the coastal seminar series at University of Southampton, asking the question:”How does human population exposure to flood risk fluctuate by time of day, and why does it matter?”

Short abstract:

Human populations are not static or uniformly distributed across space and time. This consideration has a notable impact

on natural hazard analyses which seek to determine population exposure and risk. Research undertaken focuses on the coupling of population and environmental models to address the effect of seasonally varying populations on exposure to flood risk. A spatiotemporal population modelling tool, SurfaceBuilder247, has been combined with LISFLOOD-FP and Telemac-2D flood inundation model outputs for application study areas within the UK. Results indicate strong seasonal cycles in populations and their exposure to flood hazard which are not accounted for in traditional population datasets and flood hazard assessments.

Dr Alan Smith
Dr Alan Smith

Alan is a Lecturer in GIS in Geography and Environment at the University of Southampton. His research interests include risk assessment from natural hazards and the analysis and application of spatial data to solve societal problems. With an interdisciplinary approach a key aim is to integrate research within the social and physical sciences in order to better understand human exposure to the risks posed by natural hazards such as flooding. Following a PhD in Geography at the University of Southampton Alan has worked on both ESRC and EPSRC funded projects. Previously, Alan completed a Maters in the Science of Natural Hazards at the University of Bristol.

The talk will take place at Highfield Campus Building 46/2005, on Wednesday 9 Dec at 16.00.

The University of Southampton Highfield Campus is located at University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ.