Semester 1 – 2015/2016

Coastal Seminar Series, Semester 1, 2015-2016

Wednesday 7 Oct at 13.00

NOCS Conference Room (344/32)  


Dr Andres payo (Oxford University/ University of Southampton), “A stubborn challenge for new generations of coastal geomorphologist: anticipating coastal morphological changes at decadal and longer time scales
Thursday 08 Oct at 18.00

Building 07/3027


Prof. Colin Woodroffe (University of Wollongong, AUS), Sea-level change and shoreline response: the past as a guide to the future of our coasts.
Wednesday 28 Oct at 16.00

Building 46/2005

PhD. Esme Flegg (University of Southampton), How is the UK affected by maritime disruptions, and how have we adapted through time?
Wednesday 11 Nov at 16.00

Building 46/2005

Dr. David-Favis Mortlock (University of Oxford), ““… But some places are more interesting than others.” Computationally-expensive modelling of hillslopes and coasts: an approach which selectively focuses on the interesting places
Wednesday 25 Nov at 16.00

Building 32/1015

Dr. Ian Townend & Dr. Michael Ellis (University of Southampton & BGS), “The challenges of embracing the system thinking paradigm in coastal engineering
Tuesday 08 Dec at 14.00

National oceanography Centre Southampton

NOCS Seminar Room (104/13)


Prof Ian Turner (University of New South Wales),

Four decades of coastline monitoring at Narrabeen Beach, Sydney Australia

Wednesday 09 Dec at 16.00

Building 46/2005

 Dr. Alan Smith (University of Southampton), “How does human population exposure to flood risk fluctuate by time of day, and why does it matter?

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