A quick catch up with 2013/2014 alumnus Jonathan Dale



Where are you from, when did you do the ECE and what did you most enjoy about it?

I am British and studied for the ECE course in 2013-14. I enjoyed the opportunity to learn from some of the world leading oceanographers and coastal engineers, especially at the NOC. Particular highlights include the diversity of the modules included in the course, the boat work and the field course to the Isle of Wight.


What have you been up to since; and what does a day in your working life involve?

Since completing the Masters I have been studying for a PhD at the University of Brighton. My research focuses on the evolution of the sediment regime in managed realignment sites, with particular focus on the scheme at Medmerry. Every day is very different. My time is divided between working on site or in the lab, data analysis and writing my thesis and papers. I have also had the opportunity to present at a number of international and local conferences. During term time I also have teaching commitments, including field courses in Greece and along the south coast. I have recently been appointed as an early career representative on the board of the Estuarine and Coastal Science Association.


Have you any advice to ECE students that have only just started the course, or recently graduated?

Say yes to, and make the most of, every opportunity – you never know who you might meet and the doors that might open to you.


Using a Cohesive strength Meter



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