ECE student Addina Inayatillah reports on the soes6060 boat work

By ECE 16/17 Student Addina Inayatillah (Naya):

Time is flying fast and it is by now Week 6 of our MSc Engineering in the Coastal Environment program, which means it is already Boat Week! On Friday, November 11th, 2016, ECE Students got to take the RV Callista, one of university’s research vessels, up and down and up and down again to the River Itchen, Southampton. We were lucky we had sunny day and we got to enjoy the sun on the RV Callista. This exciting opportunity is part of SOES6060 Key Skills and Applied Coastal Oceanography that wants to ensure a basic level of skills required to be a professional marine scientist, and one of those is this boat work campaign. Each of us had chosen a specific question to write for Boat Work Report based on fieldwork data collected on board RV Callista, describing the oceanoghraphic setting of this estuary. This is where the fun challenge is! All of us need different sets of data for our assigned question, and a day on RV Callista, we have to be able to require all data we need. Communication and coordination is the key for this boat campaign.

We boarded the RV Callista at 08:45 and started the journey.  Four spots have been chosen along the River Itchen. And everyone got to their position as had been allocated on Boat Work Planning the previous week. In that previous week, we had chosen one of us as the principle investigator, and dedicated different groups to do different jobs on board the boat. These included ADCP operation, deployment and operation of the CTD/Water bottle rosette, water sampling, sediment sampling through a van veen grab, as well as people tasked with logging, and communication with the boat crew. The Principal Investigator, the very entusiastic Sam, was communicating the plan to the boat’s skipper and making sure everyone was doing what they were supposed to do. Our supervisor, Hachem, and his assistant, Phd students Anas and Nayio were ready to lend a hand or support when needed.

George, iris, and lye ensuring CTD operations are running smoothly, and bottles fired at the right depths










Emma and Will collecting the water samples
Emma and Will collecting the water samples
Looing at the retrieved mud samples, and the sea star that came along with it!
Inspecting the CTD/niskin bottle rosette frame
Ben and Rory ensuring good communication with the ‘dry’ team operating the instruments.




Me (Naya) filtering the water samples
Me (Naya) filtering the water samples
Our happy Principle Investigator, or Boss, Sam
Our happy Principle Investigator, or Boss, Sam
Lovely day and great weather!!
Lovely day and great weather!!


At first, we had a problem starting the ADCP, and everyone was just trying to figure out how to handle all these cool equipments we never put our hand on before, but once we all got the idea of how to go about doing things, the day went pretty quickly. We also had a great time drinking tea and coffee and eating loads of biscuits and chocolates. It was an efficient and great team work that we managed to collect more data than we need and we ended up finishing early. Thank you everyone for the remarkable efficient job.

Ofcourse, the final thing was to take the compulsory boatwork group selfie.

the compulsory boatwork group selfie.
The compulsory RV Callista boatwork group selfie.

Now we have a Boat Work Report to write.

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