5 minutes with ECE alumnus Matt Wearmouth

  1. Where are you from, when did you do the ECE and what did you most enjoy about it?

I’m from Hartlepool (!) but I have moved around; the north east, south east and Midlands, as well as Belgium.

I was the in the class of 2011-2012.

I most enjoyed the interaction with lecturers and students. The lecturers are active in the forefront of coastal engineering/science research (you are learning from the best!) AND I made some great friends who are from all over the world!

  1. What have you been up to since?

I joined an international consultancy in London called Mott MacDonald. I have been with Motts for over 2 years and have watched the coastal team grow from less than 10 to more than 25!

  1. What does a day in your working life involve?

It varies. One day I can be on site with a client discussing a project, another I will be carrying out calculations to estimate the rock armour required for a new revetment or breakwater. There are aspects I enjoy more than others (I’m more motivated by the technical side of work than the management side but if you work for a consultancy you soon learn how a business operates!).

Whilst I was on the course I didn’t consider the option of staying on to do research or apply to a contractor, mainly because you are too busy with coursework or having a good time with friends. Ultimately it comes down to what YOU want to do and I wanted to go somewhere I could use the knowledge I had learnt to carry out studies or design and construct projects.

Working for Motts I have worked on projects in places where I used to live and on large international projects in Dubai!

  1. Have you any advice to ECE students that have only just started the course, or recently graduated?

For those that have recently started: enjoy it, remember work hard play hard (but play by the rules!).

For those that have recently graduated: Now is the best time to really think about what you want to do and achieve in your career. Your recent achievement of completing the MSc will make you stand out from the crowd so my advice is make the most of it.




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