5 minutes with ECE 13/14 alumnus Tim Neumann

A  quick interview with Tim Neuman, ECE 2013/2014:


I’m From Kiel (County of Schleswig-Holstein) in the northern part of Germany, quite close to the danish border. I graduated with the MSc in Engineering in the Coastal Environment in 2014. What I enjoyed most about the studies in So’ton were the people and the diversity in subjects.


After handing in the dissertation I moved back home as I was keen to work on the coast of the Schleswig-Holstein because of the versatility due to the coastal systems of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea which are known for quite different forces and systems in terms of tides seiches and resonances.

After I got back I made a few applications and got a job within 1 month. Since then I’m working for a growing engineering company located in Kiel, which is into a whole range of Projects. I’m working as a Project engineer and my first projects were about to plan a combined dredging/nourishment scheme for some communal beaches and a marina at the baltic. On a different Project, which includes the development of one of the biggest Marina and holiday-resort development schemes in northern Europe, I did a coastal morphology analysis to layout a beach securing groin as well as I was doing some numerical wavemodelling for the harbor entrance.


How a day in my life looks like, depends on what the calendar says. It could consist of inspections on sites, doing some numerical work in terms of modeling or doing GIS. But most times I’m writing on legislative applications to get projects running.


My advice to current students is to enjoy the time. I know it sounds strange at some point in your year, as it’s always a lot of work, but keep the high intensity which is asked from you, it definitely pays off. For me, the MSc was one of the best experiences, not just in terms of what I learned during classes, but also what I learned about myself (in terms of what I’m able to learn and what kind of workloads to manage) and especially in terms of my classmates. The international flavour everybody sprinkled to the whole group and any group-work was just fantastic.


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