Ana Beatriz Serato de Castro Silva, ECE 2013-2014

Ana graduated with an MSc ECE in 2014. Here, she described here motives to chose the ECE course and her experience during the course, and shares some post-graduation wisdom to current and prospective students:


“I am Brazilian and decided to come to England and, specifically, to the NOC, because it is one of the best oceanography institutes of the world. It is very well recognised by the scademic world mainly due to the pioneering research and the brilliant minds working there. I was a fellow of the Chevening Scholarships, a programme from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office of the British Government which provides funding for potential former opinions and decision makers. Prior to my Master’s, I had been working in Brazil as an oceanographer and project manager of diagnosis and monitoring environmental programmes at TetraTech, an American environmental consultancy.

The MSc in ECE was the key factor missing in my professional life. As an oceanographer, I missed the understanding and focused thoughts that engineering provides. The interaction between the ocean and structures fascinates me and helped me better apply my previous knowledge in my career. My dissertation was focused on Lymington, a sea-side town on the English South Coast, looking to the morphological evolution of its estuary. I processed 10 years of bathymetry data and generated sediment budgets for the area. Hopefully, my work will be published soon at the Journal of Coastal Research. Some pictures from a Fieldtrip/visit to Lymington are below:

Just after submitting my dissertation, i  got a job at ABP Marine Environmental Research (ABPmer), where i currently work as part of the Processes Team and involved in projects related to coastal evolution, feasibility studies, Environmental Impact Assessments and flood risk assessments. A day in my working life involves many hours in ArcGIS; legislation mainly related to water quality, sea-level rise, coastal strategies and River Basin Management Plans; internal procedures; client advisory and proposal developments; and at least 4 cuppas with 3 sugars each!

My advice for the new ECE students can be summarised in just one word: FOCUS. The ECE MSc requires a lot of extra work, many hours studying and doing courseworks, and much discussion with colleagues, which is great to exchange experience and knowledge. If you want an industry job, start applying soon and send as many CVs as possible, with a very well written cover letter. Of course experience helps, but companies like proactive and flexible professionals, who are able to adapt to different situations and environments.

I leave here my contact for the ones who want to talk more:

Ana Beatriz Serato de Castro Silva

Good luck and all the best!


IMG_1151 IMG_1160 IMG_1189 IMG_1196


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