Visit to the Maldives part of study into impacts of climate change and subsequent sea-level rise

Co-director of the ECE MSC Prof Robert Nicholls and researcher Dr Sally Brown are visiting the Maldives this week as part of two European Commission funded projects, IMPACT2C and RISES-AM. Both projects analyse the impacts of climate change and subsequent sea-level rise, focusing on a number of case studies, of which the Maldives is a part. During the week, Robert and Sally, together with Southampton PhD student Laurens Speelman and German researchers from Global Climate Forum are visiting islands that could be affected by sea-level rise and discussing the issue with government ministries. They are visiting a reclaimed island created in the last few decades, named Hulhumalé, which provides more land and space adjacent to the nation’s capital city, Malé. They are investigating the potential impacts of extreme events on the island caused by sea-level rise, building on from research from one of last years’ MSc dissertations.



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