Dr Sally Brown (FEE) attends Green Alliance workshop with Eastleigh MP Mike Thornton

Dr Sally Brown (FEE) attended a workshop in Eastleigh with their MP Mike Thornton (http://www.theyworkforyou.com/mp/25175/mike_thornton/eastleigh ), the local authority and other stakeholders who have an interest in how climate change can affect people, the environment and businesses in Eastleigh. The workshop was organised by Green Alliance (an environmental organisation encouraging political leaders to become engaged in global environmental issues. http://www.green-alliance.org.uk/home/ ). The group discussed how climate change could affect Eastleigh and south-east England, and many connected issues. For example, the group discussed what the local authority is doing about it now, liaisons and targets between local and national governments, why people do not want to adapt to climate change (even when it is free and could save them money in the long term!), and how better to incorporate adaptation to climate change within council policies and building regulations for many decades to come. The workshop, together with two others held around the country will help share climate change adaptation outcomes and strategies with other MPs and ministers. 


Courtesy of Elena Perez, Green Alliance
Courtesy of Elena Perez, Green Alliance


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