Field Trip to the Isle of Wight 16/10/2013

This year’s cohort of ECE students have recently undertaken their “introductory” field trip to explore some of the coastal issues the Isle of Wight, lead by geologist Dr Max Barton. Current ECE student, Tom Ivey reports, with photos contributed by fellow student Gibran Moha:

The day started off early, wet and windy for our field trip to explore the coastal processes and

Dr Max Barton
Dr Max Barton

morphodynamics and related coastal management issues in the Isle ofWight. After a short ferry from Southampton and a  coach ride  we were soon looking at some examples of coastal retreat, which had caused the edge on the famous Military Road (A3055)  to fall into the sea, hence requiring serious structural modification. Later on, we saw coastal properties that had been abandoned due to recent cliff edge retreat and coastal erosion on the western side of Brook Chine. 

Thankfully in the afternoon the sun came out, and after a hearty pub lunch at the Eight Mouse Inn in Chale,  we made our way towards St Catherines Point (the most southerly headland of the Isle of Wight). Here we could see the cliff structure, evidence of slumping and the rock strata, and then inspect the defence works protecting the Castlehaven area nearby.

land slide
















Bays and headlands  – West Coast Isle of Wight

iow Tom ivey
The white water shows wave focusing and wave breaking onto the headland.

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St Catherine’s Point Lighthouse

Here we could see some evidence of wave focusing and refraction onto and around the headland as well as excellent views of the English Channel and local wildlife.





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Revetment coastal defence at Niton undercliff on the east side of St Catherine’s Point.  This was neccesary to protect a holiday park and home in the area. Here the cliff were more sedimentary in nature.

All in all a great day out and some fantastic examples different coastlines, managed and unmanaged, rocky and sandy!


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(Post Edited by Hachem Kassem)

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