Extreme events and beer!

In October, members of the School of Ocean and Earth Science attended the first International Short Conference on Advances in Extreme Value Analysis and Application to Natural Hazards (EVAN) hosted by the University of Siegen, Germany.

Dr Ivan Haigh (Lecturer) gave a keynote on challenges in estimating extreme sea level exceedance probabilities and Dr Matt Wadey (Post-doc) discussed his research characterising storm surges, extreme sea level events and their temporal clustering in the UK. Dr Shari Gallop (Research Fellow) talked about some of the issues in assessing the impact of future extreme events on reefed coasts. Other talks ranged from extreme wind storms, landslides, rainfall, flooding and thunderstorms and new collaborations have started as a result.

A highlight for all was the conference dinner which was held in the Krombacher brewery, one of the largest in Germany. Due to its success, the conference will now run every two years with the next one to be hosted by the University of Cantabria in Santander, Spain.





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