Jamie Hernon – ECE student 2006

1. Where are you from, when did you do the ECE and what did you most enjoy about it?

Bournemouth, 2006, that I was able to study a topic that’s held a lifelong interest for me.

2. What have you been up to since?

I’ve worked at ABPmer ever since, punctuated by a 9-month career break to go travelling around south-east Asia and Australia in 2010.

3. What does a day in your working life involve?

Too many work topic areas to cover here, but suffice to say I’m involved in a wide variety of projects with a wide variety of subject areas. I’d say that the diversity of work that I get to be involved with is what I find most stimulating about my job (as well as the fantastic group of people I work with). As well as fee-earning work, I spend some of my time on marketing activities, and other administration tasks.

4. Have you any advice to ECE students that have only just started the course, or recently graduated?

To those that have just started, work hard! To those recently graduated and looking for work, my advice would be to consider everything. I wasn’t keen on the idea of numerical modelling upon leaving the MSc, but my position here at ABPmer in the modelling team is fantastic. Also, be persistent: – always seek feedback from any job interviews you get.

Jamie Hernon


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