MSc ECE student Ed Long describes his fieldwork: Wave and boat wake attenuation over Lymington Saltmarsh

Edward Long, a current MSC ECE student (2012-2013) describes below his recent fieldwork in Lymington harbour, undertaken to collect data on wind-wave and boat-wake attenuation over salt marsh:

“Six wave sensors were deployed in a transect from behind the Royal Lymington Yacht Club racing starting platform up to Boiler marsh with the help of Carl Amos, Prof Kang, Hachem Kassem and of course with our skipper from the Harbour Master’s office. Four of these sensors were brand new RBR duo sensors that were attached to metal bracket, bolted to lead weights, while the other two comprised of tripod mounted Valeport units (with pressure trandsducers and current metres). The aim of the study was to capture the relative attenuation of normal wind-waves and wakes generated from boats in the channel and near the starting platform. I remained on site over the next 3 days to video record and log vessels travelling in the channel and across the sensor transect from the embankment coastal path. Thankfully the marvellous weather encouraged many to sail into the Solent and across the sensor transect, which hopefully will be reflected in the data. Recovering the sensors proved quite the challenge, as we were amazed by the amount of seagrass, weed and kelp that had caught on the sensors and ropes. Two sensors, attached to small torpedo-shaped buoys had been dragged underwater by the kelp at high water, so I had to come back out during slack water, and gladly, was able to successfully recover them.”

Below are some videos and photos from the fieldwork:


Launch getting kitted up


Boat Ready to go
off to the starting platform
Skipper Tom and Prof Kang
Ed logging all that passes by
the starting platform, first wave sensor (valeport) deployed!

hard at work!
watchful eyes
3rd sensor down!
Prof Amos, looking, well, professory!

Prof Kang Deploys the 5th wave sensor, rbr Duo

Research vessel Zephyr does a few “control wakes” for us
the support team!!!
back to report to the Harbour Master, and then, a generous offer from Prof Carl
Basking in glorious sunshine, and Rum icecream!
Ed enjoying ice cream before hard work1

90 year old man, cool gear!
Lymington Yacht Club

Retrieval of the first valeport  unit (Video)

today’s skipper: james  heads for the second valeport
Hachem’s catch of the day!

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