Interview with current ECE student: Freddie Holland

b7fa4-img_81141. Where are you from and what was your first degree?

I’m from Rutland, UK and have been working in Sydney, Australia the last 2 years. My previous degree was in Oceanography at the University of Southampton.

 2. Why did you choose to undertake the ECE course at Southampton?

During my time working in Australia, I saw the huge need for Coastal Engineers in the world and I knew of a few previous ECE students who had highly recommended the course. It is clear that the demand for Coastal Engineers is only going to increase, with my interest of the course from my previous degree and my interest in large scale projects which make a difference. This course was an obvious choice to develop me career. One of the significant advantages of the course is the opportunity to work with a company whilst completing your thesis.

3. What have you most enjoyed about the course?

Some of the most enjoyable parts of the course have been the great support given by the staff/lectures/assistants/guest speakers in and out of lectures. There was a great scope in the course to really pursue my interests with a large range of expertise and resources. The fieldtrips and boatrips were also a highlight, especially with the perfect weather that we had!

4. What research project are you doing over the summer?

I am conducting a project in affiliation with a company where I will be testing their designs of sea walls and revetments for a specific location in the wave flume on campus.  My project will consist of time on campus at and working with the company in the offices in London.

5. What are your plans after you finish the course?

I plan to start work as a graduate coastal engineer with a leading consultancy company, either in the UK or overseas.


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