Interview with Edgar Dabbi, current MsC ECE student (2012/2013)

As part of our series of interviews featuring past and present ECE students, here’s one with current Student Edgar Peter Dabbi:

1. Where are you from and what was your first degree?
Malaysia. My first degree was Bachelor (Hons) in Civil Engineering.

2. Why did you choose to undertake the ECE course at Southampton?
Following my internship with DHI Malaysia, I decided to undertake postgraduate study in coastal engineering and management to deepen my knowledge within this area. I chose to study in Southampton because it has an excellent academic reputation for both engineering and oceanography studies in the UK. I found the ECE course to be well-structured with modules that are highly practical and relevant for consulting practices as well.

3. What have you most enjoyed about the course?
Getting to know the experts and learning from them (both ECE lecturers and visiting professors). And not forgetting the boat works and fieldtrips!

4. What research project are you doing over the summer?
I’ll be looking at a new approach to validate wave numerical models through comparison of the frequency wave spectrum parameters – to overcome the shortcomings of validating through significant wave heights only.

5. What are your plans after you finish the course?
Return to Malaysia and work with a leading consultant.



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