Interview with Bryce Corlett, current MsC ECE student (2012/2013)

One more interview from our series with current and previous ECE students, this time it is with Bryce Corlett,

1. Where are you from and what was your first degree?

I’m from Norfolk, Virginia in the US, where I studied Physical Oceanography and Civil Engineering for my Bachelor degrees.

2. Why did you choose to undertake the ECE course at Southampton?

Prior to applying to the ECE course, I looked around quite a bit at other similar coastal programmes. I perused through the Erasmus Mundus COMEM programme, the Delft Coastal Engineering programme, and the MIT Hydraulic Engineering programme, but none had quite the amount of science that I was looking for. The ECE programme is an exquisite blend of the technical knowledge you need to design structures and the background knowledge of coastal processes (ranging from individual sediment grain movement to overall coastline behaviours), so I went with the ECE course.

3. What have you most enjoyed about the course?

I’ve really enjoyed how closely the students and staff are able to interact. Combined with a small number of students in the program, you’re able to get to know everyone very easily, making for a great learning environment.

4. What research project are you doing over the summer?

My research (taking place here at Southampton, with Ivan Haigh and Robert Nicholls as advisors) will compare UK vertical land movement estimates, and appraise their accuracy against local sea level trends. Vertical land movement in the UK is taking place at rates significant enough to be important in design of coastal structures, making it necessary to systematically compare the range of estimates currently available.

5. What are your plans after you finish the course?

I’ll be attending the Woods Hole – MIT Joint Program in the fall to study for a PhD in Physical Oceanography. It’s not quite Coastal Engineering, but I’m certainly hoping to return to NOCS and Southampton at some point in the future.



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