Applied Sediment Dynamics 2013

Applied Sediment Dynamics 2013 is almost over. This is a unit where MSc ECE students, joined by other Master and PhD students (5 visitng phds and a visiting professor this year!), undertake a three week intensive short course, with two broad themes: Modelling and undertaking applied research. Week one focused on modelling, with a great talks from a group of current staff and visiting guests, including the brilliant Georg Umgiesser from ISMAR, and Prof. Ian Townend, director of research at HR Wallingford ltd. The general take home message of Ian was that a model should be validated but never calibrated!!!


Following on, Weeks 2 and 3 focused on practical sediment dynamics research, culminating in a 2 day boat work campaign in the Solent, where the student deployed a variety of instruments and collected a signification data set to use in their mini-theses. Below are some photos from these days!

1. At the pontoon, looking at out great home: NOCS

2. Students prepare for deployment


3. Day 1 PI, MSC ECE student Bryce discusses the plan with RV Conway skipper, Kevin, under the watchful eyes of prof Kang, visitng us from Korean Maritime University.


4. In the cabin, staff (Charlie, Shari, and Hachem) explain how to operate the ADCP and CTD softwares.



5. On Deck, we verify, yet again, today’s plan, and listen to the all important Health and Safety briefing.


6. And the fun begins! On site (chosen by the students), Ben and Freddy deploy an van Veen grab to check the bed material.


and… it’s sand.. Yaaay!


7. Bryce set the Valeport trigger, ready to deploy. A mini CTD and pressure transducer are also attached.


8. Freddy aids Kevin in deploying the rig to the sea bed.



9. Helley-Smith Sand traps are then ready to deploy, in Benthic, Epi-benthic, mid-depth, and near surface modes!



… &  Edgar and Edward log everything happening in,on, under or around the vessel…


and day 2’s PI, Joanna makes sure everything is accounted for!


Sand traps retrieved and suddenly everyone is Busy






… well, not exactly everyone!


seems there is a trend here, Ivan, Course Director!!


10. Next, Niskin bottles are primed on the rosette, and the CTD/ Transmissometer frame is ready to be deployed into the water!





and ben ensures communication between Shari, Wanling, and Clementine inside; and Graham, operating the winch


Back on board, the samples are collected for sieving and filtering!



ooopss.. a rip in the plankton mesh


and here to the rescue, the magic tool all oceanographers should have: Nail polish!!


“Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow …”


And some un-expected visitors..



it’s tea time!







…  pirates!!



On the way back, good old friend Callista!


and, home sweet home!



Back in the Lab:











Presentations, followed, with great home baked cookies, Hachem’s massive chocolate/chips arsenal, and tea, paid for by Ivan!


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